So, you bought an iPad

First things first, congratulations!! If you were the least bit hesitant to buy your iPad, you’ll be proselytizing before you know it!

Now that you’ve bought the cool-aid, you need two accessories that do not come with your iPad. You need a cover and a stylus. I know, I know, Steve thinks you can do everything with your hands and fingers. This is technically correct, but frankly, some things are just easier to do with a stylus. I’ve tried a couple of cases and odds are you’ll like some things about your first case, see another and trade up. your first case MUST do two things. It MUST protect the corners of your iPad because you will drop it. Second, it MUST have adjustable viewing positions. I’m currently using a Marware case and am very happy with it.

Next, you need to load it up with apps. I’m going to focus on apps for the business user and throw in a few fun to have apps, because we can’t work all the time. New lists come out all the time with the top ten, or five must have apps. They are great, read them, then download the apps you like. Read the reviews, especially if you are paying for the app, user reviews rarely lead you astray.

1. Dropbox
2. Twitter
3. Friendly for Facebook
4. Goodreader (around $2)
5. Dragon Dictation (on your iPhone too – great for creating texts or emails when you’re not at your desk)
6. TED (when you need a little inspiration)
7. Words with Friends
8. Wunderlist
9. The Weather Channel
10. Evernote
11. Flipboard (if you tweet, post on Facebook and follow any rss feeds)
12. News app (pick your poison: NYT, USA Today, CNN, BBC, NBC, CBS)
13. Early Edition (RSS reader $5)
14. Zinio (subscribe to magazines)
15. E-book reader (iBooks & Kindle)
16. Penultimate (Allows you to take notes by writing, then email pages or entire notebooks in PDF format. Also great for sketches!)

Several of these apps have corresponding apps or software that syncs your information between your computer, smartphone, iPad and the cloud.

Always try the free version, if there is one, prior to shelling out the money. It may be a great app for someone else, but not you.

These will give you a solid foundation of business apps and most of them are free or have a free version, unless I listed a price. This list is not meant to be exhaustive, let us know in the comments what you think!

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One Response to So, you bought an iPad

  1. Mark Weber says:

    Thank you for sharing your iPad advice and wisdom! We consider you our iGuru!

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