A way to manage your Twitter stream

So many people get overwhelmed when they think about their twitter stream and how in the world are they possibly going to read all of those tweets – relax! No need to be overwhelmed! You can use lists on twitter to effectively manage your twitter stream. Here’s how to do it.

  • Go to twitter.com, login.
  • Under the white “what’s happening” box, you’ll see 5 tabs, the 5th is “lists”
  • Click on lists
  • A drop down menu will appear with two options.  Click on “create a list.”
  • Give the list a name, “Industry Tweeple”
  • Write a brief description, “these are people who are in my industry and tweet about it.” This description will remind you what the list is about.
  • Decide whether the list will be “public” or “private” and click the appropriate radio button.
  • Click the SAVE button.
  • In the new screen that appears, you can enter the name of the twitter account you’d like to add to the list.
  • You can also add people from your “followers” by clicking on followers.
  • Next to each person you are following is a green button with a checkmark saying following, to the right of that is a square grey button, click it.
  • Select the list you’d like to add that person to and you’re done!
  • Repeat to add multiple lists.

Lists are a very handy way to manage your twitter stream.  Once created, you can log into your twitter account and sort the stream by list.  Enjoy!

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